Character Makeover Study Guide:
10 Small Group Sessions to Create the Best You

 Get the most out of your Character Makeover journey by going through the book with your small group, your church group, or one or two accountability partners. This is a ten-week small group study for women, available in a downloadable study guide and a downloadable leader's guide.

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The Character Makeover small group study for women includes:

Especially geared for women who are reading Character Makeover, the lessons help the group explore deeply the critical concepts in each chapter. Participants are guided in stimulating discussions and group exercises, and then they help each other take action in the areas where they discover they need the most work.

Each week a different television reality show is used as a metaphor to explore the strongholds that keep us from being like Christ. Once you have the "big reveal" and discover which aspect of that stronghold you need to deal with the most, you then look into the Bible for the solutions.  The key to overcoming strongholds is to deepen the eight character qualities of Christlikeness.  On the chart below, see the reality show for each week, and the nature of the "big reveal" that leads to self-discovery and action steps to deepen that character quality in your life.   

Character Quality

 Reality Show

The Big Reveal

Week 1: Introduction

What NOT to "Be"

Which three of the character qualities do you need the most?

Week 2: Humility

American Idol

Which of the Four Prideful Idols are you?

Week 3: Confidence

The Singing Bee

Which 'song lyrics' play on your mind's 'iPod'? Confident or insecure?

Week 4: Courage

Fear Factor

What is your fear factor? Worry, fear, lying, or courage?

Week 5: Self-Control

The Biggest Loser

When you weigh in, do you need to lose the mouth, the attitude or the habit?

Week 6: Patience

"Life" Swap

Do you need patience with irritating people, pet peeves or waiting?

Week 7: Contentment

Real Housewives of Orange County

Are you able to be content with what you do, what you have, what you accumulate, and in difficult circumstances?

Week 8: Generosity

 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

How generous are you with your talents, time and things?

Week 9: Perseverance

Amazing Race

What kind of quitter are you? Do you quit from discouragement, criticism, or frustration?

Week 10: The Big Reveal Party

Games and affirmation exercises

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