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Head-to-Soul Makeover:
Helping Teen Girls Become Real in a Fake World

 Head to Soul Makeover, a ten-week small group study for teen girls, is based on the principles of Character Makeover. 

Each week, a different television reality show is used as a metaphor to explore the strongholds that keep us from being like Christ. Once you have the "big reveal" and discover which aspect of that stronghold you need to deal with the most, you then look into the Bible for the solutions.  The key to overcoming strongholds is to deepen the eight character qualities of Christlikeness.  This is how to GET REAL - become more and more like Christ.

The Head-to-Soul Makeover small group study includes:

  • Ten 90-minute lessons
  • Built in discussion questions and activities
  • A weekly self-assessment quiz based on a reality TV show
  • Choose a Makeover Challenge to deepen each character quality
  • Record your progress in the Makeover Journal
  • Stay accountable to your three-person Makeover Team

   Reading of Character Makeover is NOT REQUIRED.
Head to Soul Makeover is an entirely standalone curriculum.

Episode 1
Building Character

Episode 2
Becoming Humble

Episode 3
Becoming Confident

Episode 4
Becoming Courageous

Episode 5
Developing Self-Control

Episode 6
Becoming Patient

Episode 7
Becoming Content

Episode 8
Becoming Generous

Episode 9
Developing Perseverance

The Big Reveal Party

Episode 10
Celebrating Your Transformation


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