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Shelley Leith speaking at Berea in Hebron, NH

Keynote Addresses

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The Art of Flourishing in the Season You're In

Through Shelley’s life story, combined with audience interaction, this message is about how to overcome the frustration of borrowing from a future season or holding onto a past season. From Psalm 1:3, learn how to bear fruit in 6 seasons of life.

Your Day at the Inner Beauty Spa

8 character makeover goals and the Holy Spirit’s beauty regimen from Romans 12:1-2 to look more like Christ.

What NOT to Wear

Take a quiz to discover what masks you wear, then learn how to take them off and get real. 

Other topics available upon request

Character-Based Retreat Sessions

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Session 1: Confidence

From the 8 ways God tells us to think in Philippians 4:8, learn how to replace 8 types of false selves with your true self, which is God-confidence!

Challenge: Think of yourself the way God thinks of you

Session 2: Self-Control

Discover 10 stress-relieving self-control strategies from the way Jesus handled a very stressful day in Mark 6.

Challenge: When you’re sinking under the stress, find Jesus in the boat with you

Session 3: Humility

This study of the Theology of Mirrors in Scripture reveals how we misunderstand the true nature of humility, and unveils the secret of how to become humble.

Challenge: Remove your veil of pride and reflect God to the world

Session 4: Courage

Replace 3 fear behaviors of worry, anxiety and lying with 3 courage behaviors demonstrated by Abraham with Isaac.

Challenge: Obey, and let God take care of the consequences

Unconventional Parenting Messages

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Stop Parenting Like a Whack-a-Mole

Do you feel like you’re a Whack-a-Mole parent who plays the wait-and-react game whenever your kids pop out and do something bad? Become proactive instead of reactive by developing a Family Mission Statement that envisions what kind of young adults you want to launch from your home, then take steps to build character into your children.

Bonus Material: Receive a copy of the Leith Family Mission Statement, with the character and spiritual formation elements built into the shape of a house

Time Management and Other Oxymorons

Working moms, and any moms(!), have issues with time management. Practical tips for doing a lot, yet not being driven to do it all.

Bonus Material: My Time Management Fails – Things I Tried That Backfired

35 Parenting Ideas from a Nurturing-Challenged Mom

From this nurturing-challenged mother, learn 35 proactive ideas for restoring your passion for parenting children at all ages and stages.

How to Communicate with Teens, Like, Totally

Learn ways to unlock communication between you and your teenager by leveraging the power of the 5 Love Languages.

Other topics available upon request

Marriage: His & Her & God's View

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Greg & Shelley Leith served on the FamilyLife Weekend to Remember speaker team. They have a 20-year ministry of giving couples his view, her view, and God’s view on how to make marriage work. 

The Perfect Storm

Powerful forces are converging against your marriage and threatening to take it out. Identify your threats, whether they’re outside from the culture or difficulties, or from within your own heart.

How to See Your Mate Through Rose-Colored Glasses

God’s design for marriage works! Learn how looking at your mate through God’s rose-colored glasses makes it possible for two very different people to achieve oneness.

Bonus Material: Take a quiz to see how well you know your mate

Conflict: How to Fight Fair and Remain in Love

Learn how to lovingly confront, how to stay connected during a conflict, and how to give and receive forgiveness.

Bonus Material: Do a project together to improve how you deal with conflict

Other topics available upon request

Shelley & Greg speak on forgiveness at a pastors’ conference in Nigeria

Shelley Leith Media Kit

The media kit for Shelley Leith includes headshots, short and long bio and contact information. Media in this kit is available for use in promoting your event.